The Laws and Agreements of Child Custody in Nampa, Idaho

All parents aims the best interests of their children rather than what’s best for them. That is why when a couple decides for a divorce, they need to agree on a fair custody agreement. This is the standard a court uses when ordering a child custody arrangement. Courts get very frustrated when they see a parent being selfish rather than caring about their children.

When a couple decides to get a divorce, they usually separate until it’s official. Certain living arrangements need to change – one parent will stay in the marital home and keep the children while the other will move into another home or apartment and will be given partial custody of the kids. Usually, the parent who is already the primary caretaker will be the one who stays with the kids pending divorce.


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In a shared custody arrangement, the parents share legal custody and physical custody. The difference between these two is important. Legal custody simply refers to the parents’ rights to have a say in their children’s lives. Physical custody has more to do with where the kids will sleep, eat and go to school.

Ideally, the parents or their attorneys will come to a fair shared custody agreement on their own. If they are not able to do so, the court will step in and have someone determine a custody arrangement. This is the worst-case scenario. You don’t want strangers determining your custody arrangement if you can help it.


Parents can come up with any parenting plan that works for their family. Usually, one parent will have sole custody. This means the kids live with them full-time and the other parent usually has visitation rights. This does not mean that one parent loses legal custody. It only has to do with living arrangements.
Other couples decide to have joint custody. In this arrangement, each parent will spend equal time with the kids. The children will spend half their time with their mom and half their time with dad. If the parents can make this work, it can be a healthy solution for the kids. The problem is, in order for this arrangement to work, the parents have to make certain concessions. For example, they have to make sure they live in the same school district. That means the kids don’t have to travel far to get to and from school.
Regardless of the labels placed on the parenting plan, the court will always take the best interests into account. They are not concerned with the parents’ bickering about schools and doctors. They will absolutely decide on something that is in the best interest of the kids.

Getting a divorce puts a lot of things at stake. As a parent, you deserve what’s best for your kids, that’s why seeking a legal advise from an experienced divorce attorney in Nampa is important as you make decisions for your child’s welfare. Let Idaho Divorce Center journey with you go through the entire process.