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Getting a divorce entails a lot of process and might get financially burdensome. While others are always looking for a low cost divorce attorney to help them out, this is actually a very bad idea. There’s too much at stake when you file a divorce in the state of Idaho that finding an experienced lawyer is important to handle your case. The best divorce lawyer is the one that is going to minimize your risk and emotional burden, and the complexities of your divorce properly with empathy. That’s why here in Idaho Divorce Center, our resident family and divorce attorney is here to help you go through with process and ease you emotional burden following a Divorce.

In 2017, the state of Idaho was considered to be the second state with the highest number of divorces in the country following Arkansas. We could say that it was an ancient or the situation is different in the city of Meridian, unfortunately, more and more couples end up seeking the advice of a Meridian Divorce Lawyer.

Meridian – being the 3rd largest city in the state of Idaho, its fast growing economy doesn’t seem to favor family life. Statistics show that couples often get married at a young age, only to discover that they were not meant for one another. Sometimes, financial hardships get the best of them while others wake up one day to the realization that they no longer want to be with their spouses. No matter how or why they occur, divorces are always painful. This is especially true when children are involved. The spouses who manage to reach an agreement are lucky to see their torment end sooner. For those who need to defend their interests in court, the nightmare can last for months or even years.

Although Idaho laws seem quite clear and straightforward at first sight, they leave room for many interpretations. Finding your way through them can be tricky, especially when the divorce request took you by surprise. Even if you are the one filing for divorce, making such a life-changing decision cannot be easy. No wonder you cannot be objective or make sense of laws you haven’t had to deal with until now. The good news is that you do not have to deal with everything on your own. In fact, you should not. The best thing you can do is get in touch with a Meridian divorce lawyer. You can find one ready to help you and to defend your interests at Idaho Divorce Center.


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Working with a family lawyer brings numerous benefits. Some of the most important include:


When filing for divorce, a spouse will have to justify their actions. Otherwise put, they have to explain what caused them to want to end their marriage. There are two categories of divorce grounds: no-fault and fault. We will take a closer look at all of them in the following lines.

1. Irreconcilable Differences

The spouses may argue that they realized the differences between them are too significant to overlook. Since they cannot continue their relationship, filing for divorce is the only option. This is a no-fault divorce ground. It is easier to prove when both spouses agree with the divorce.

2. Separation

In order for this to be accepted, the spouses have to show they were separated for at least five years. Just like irreconcilable differences, it is a no-fault divorce. It is especially convenient for couples who have lived apart due to their jobs.

3. Adultery

This is perhaps the most common ground for divorce in Meridian, ID. Spouses cheat on their partners all the time. However, to actually obtain the divorce, they will need solid evidence of their spouse’s infidelity. With that evidence and the help of a divorce lawyer, they should have a solid case.

4. Extreme Cruelty

This divorce ground is common in cases involving domestic violence, especially towards children. In order to obtain the divorce, the filing spouse will have to prove their partner mistreated them or the children. The good news is that violent spouses are unlikely to receive custody.

5. Willful Desertion

If one of the spouses leaves the family home intentionally and unjustifiably, their partner may file for divorce. They will have to prove the desertion. However, the divorce process should be easier than in cases involving violence or adultery.

6. Willful Neglect

Some spouses neglect their partners. They rarely, if ever, come home for dinner or participate in family activities. They also neglect their duties in the bedroom. To justify a divorce, the neglect should have occurred for at least one year. Many willful neglect divorces actually follow adultery. The spouses choose this divorce ground due to the lack of sufficient evidence to prove adultery.

7. Habitual Intemperance

This refers to a spouse’s constant intoxication to the extent that they can’t handle their affairs. It must be to a degree that would cause their partner mental anguish. The behavior must take place over a period of at least one year. Unfortunately, habitual intemperance is more difficult to prove than other grounds. It helps to count on the advice of a divorce lawyer when invoking this reason for divorce.

8. Felony Conviction

Sometimes, people choose to break the law and they face the consequences. When their actions end in a felony conviction, their spouse does not have to wait for them. It is their right to file for divorce and start a new life, and many do it.

9. Insanity

The simple claim that a partner is insane is not enough to justify a divorce. Their residing in a mental facility for more than three years is. Of course, the courts will only look at the evidence. Also, they may decide that the spouse filing for divorce should continue to support their partner.


Depending on the chosen grounds and the spouses’ reaction, there are three types of divorces in Idaho. Their type determines the challenges the spouses face and how long the procedures take. We will review them below.


This refers to cases when one spouse files for divorce and the other wants to give the marriage another chance. The grounds for the divorce could be desertion, neglect, intemperance, adultery or other factors. The spouse contesting the divorce will obviously try to show the divorce action is unjustified.

These types of divorces almost always end up in court and last for months, to say the least. They require evidence and they often turn into a legal battle between the spouses. As a result, it is better to leave them to an experienced Meridian divorce attorney.


This is the type of divorce in which the spouses agree on the details. It can occur by default or by stipulation. In the former case, the spouse receiving the default papers does not reply within 20 days. The plaintiff can ask the court to approve divorce by default.

In the case of stipulation, the spouses have to agree on all important divorce issues. The filing spouse also has to specify the grounds for their divorce action. At Idaho Divorce Center, we encourage uncontested divorces. When they are not possible, we defend our clients and their children’s interest at all cost.


This is the most painful type of divorce. Even for an outsider, it is difficult to see how hate and violence replace love. It sometimes does, and the circumstances are subject to Idaho Code Idaho sections 18-918 and 39-6303. In theory, the violent spouse may lose their rights and even go to jail.

In practice, in order for that to happen, the spouse filing for divorce will need solid evidence. Many domestic violence victims fail to acquire that evidence. Some do it but fall for their spouse’s promises and abandon their divorce plans. Receiving the divorce papers often makes violent spouses seek revenge.

At Idaho Divorce Center, we have handled quite a few cases involving domestic violence. We know how painful and dangerous they are, and we do everything in our power to help our clients. When we accept such a case, protecting the mistreated spouse and the children, if any, becomes our priority. We take over all the hassles and work hard to obtain the best divorce terms for them. We help them move on.

All divorces, no matter their type or grounds, involve several aspects that need sorting out. These are the real reasons why the spouses should work with a Meridian divorce attorney. In most cases, they have a long-term impact on the life of the divorcing spouses and their dependents. We will review them here.


Before the divorce becomes final, the spouses, or the court, will have to decide on several aspects. They are all related to the marriage and reflect Idaho law’s take on the rights of the spouses. At Idaho Divorce Center, we advise our clients to consider these aspects even before filing for divorce:

1. Spousal Support and Alimony

When one spouse is poor, disabled, unemployed, or unable to earn their living, they may claim maintenance. This is the term the law uses with reference to a spouse’s obligation to support their partner after divorce. They may pay support only during the divorce or pay alimony for a couple months or even for years. Their obligation ends if the spouse starts fending for themselves or remarries.

2. Child Custody

For most couples with children, getting child custody becomes a priority during the divorce. Some agree to share custody and get along for the child’s sake. Others fight for custody and visitation rights in court. The court will always pursue the best interests of the child. It is up to the parents to prove who can offer the child the best life.

3. Child Support

Divorcing parents losing the custody battle will have to pay child support. The value of the payments will depend on the child’s needs and the parent’s financial situation. The payments end when the child turns 18 or 19 years of age, depending on school enrollment.

4. Property Division

The law categorizes the spouse’s assets and debts as community property or separate property. Usually, assets and debts acquired during marriage qualify as community property. Those acquired before marriage or after divorce qualify as separate property. However, there are many exceptions to the rule and they are better reviewed with a Meridian divorce lawyer.

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