Divorces and separations involving children are never easy. Besides emotional turmoil and lifestyle changes, they bring about child support issues. In Meridian, ID and under Idaho laws, both parents are responsible for supporting their children. Since the parent awarded custody will incur most expenses, they will receive the child support payments. Getting the help of an experienced Meridian Family Lawyer can aid you in establishing value of the payments by following Idaho Child Support Income Shares Model.

The court estimates how much money the parents used to spend for their child while together. They then divide the amount between the parents based on income and custody terms. With the help of a family lawyer, he will mediate the negotiation to ensure fair child custody payments.

Still not convinced on how a Meridian Family Lawyer can help you in settling child support issues? Here are some information that you may digest below covering how the court of Idaho establishes payment and reviewing the circumstances under which payments may change.


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Child Support Orders, Changes, and How a Meridian Family Lawyer May Help

In most divorces, one parent gets child custody and the other one pays child support. Unless the parties reach an agreement, the court determines the child support amount. In making their decision, they will follow the Idaho Child Support Guidelines. This means they will consider several aspects:

  • The financial resources of the child
  • The resources, obligations, and needs of both parents
  • The living standard the child had while their parents were together
  • The physical and emotional state and the needs of the child
  • The medical coverage and educational needs of the child
  • Tax benefits for the parent claiming the federal exemption for child dependency
  • Parenting time

Usually, the custodial parent is interested in obtaining the highest children support possible. To do so, they will focus on the child’s needs and best interests. They may also try to prove that the other parent has the resources to pay the requested amounts.

In response, the other parent can document their income, needs, and obligations. If they are already paying child support for another child, the court may deduct that amount. If they benefit from more than 25% of parenting time, the court may suspend payments.

The parties may also request the court to reconsider their child support order in case of:

  • Significant changes in the child’s needs and expenses
  • Significant changes in the parents’ income (more than 10%)
  • Remarriage and changes in the financial situation of one of the parents.

Children support payments end when the child turns 18 or 19 if they attend school. When issuing or reviewing a child support order, the court will only consider concrete evidence. Obtaining it and dealing with the related paperwork can be challenging for the parents. It is, however, part of everyday routine for a family lawyer.

At Idaho Divorce Center, we have handled quite a few child support cases. Some clients have turned to us to help them obtain the money their children deserved. Others were trying to ensure fair payments, in line with the child’s needs and their financial situation. Whatever your goal is, we’re here to help