Law Covering Spousal Support and Alimony in Idaho

In the state of Idaho, spousal maintenance is subject to Title 32, Chapter VII, Section 32-705 law that states: When decreeing a divorce, the court may award maintenance, and in order to do so, they would have to include the following criteria for a claiming spouse:

I. Claiming spouse doesn’t have any or sufficient property to meet their reasonable needs.
II. Can’t support themselves through employment.

The court’s decision will also take into consideration any relevant factors such as:

A1. Duration of Marriage
A2. Spouse’s age and well-being (physical, mental, and emotional health)
A3. Spouse’s Financial Situation and Earning ability
A4. Time and Education the spouse seeking support needs to obtain employment.
A5. Extent to which either party was at fault.


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These given factors will dictate how the court may grant either temporary, short, or long-term spousal support.
Examples of Spousal support that the court may give (varies on a case to case basis):

  1. Temporary Maintenance
    Mostly for spouses who need it until divorce is final.
  2.  Short-Term Maintenance
    Aims to help spouses who want to complete their education or qualify for a new job.
  3. Long – Term Maintenance or Permanent
    Given by the court to spouses who can’t support themselves.

Alimony payments end when the beneficiary can support themselves or gets married. For individuals who seek to terminate alimony payments could get the use of a seasoned divorce and family attorney in Idaho. They simply need to file the termination request and maybe, prove that their spouse no longer needs financial support.
Filling a divorce comes along a bunch of questions especially related to spousal support and alimony. Partner with us and we’ll help you be enlightened with the help of our family law experts.